Top of the Pops John Peel - Eddie Grundy Fan Club Tee Shirt

images or video please anyone? (November 2015)

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Back in the unremembered 80s, I did the layout and screen printing of tee shirts for the Archers spin-off Eddie Grundy Fan Club. One of the shirts I printed was worn on Top of the Pops by John Peel. Nobody believes me. Sorry I have no idea which year it was, (maybe 81/82/83?) but if anyone can find images or video of Peel wearing that shirt on the Pops, it would make me a very happy old git!
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Old episodes are being broadcast on BBC4, i believe next January there will start with 1981 series
Most chart rundowns from the show are on YouTube, I quickly watched about 4 years worth and didn't see John wearing that shirt, but not every show is online and he could have just worn it for the odd link, not the whole show! Hope you find it though, a great claim to fame!

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