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Interesting to hear Miles Harrison commentating on Wales vs Uruguay with Shane Williams. Wouldn't surprise me if he was lent out on the condition that he didn't commentate alongside anyone from BT. The same thing seems to be happening with Nick Mullins and Ben Kay.
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I quite like the World Feed theme music - I like the orchestration and arrangement. Nothing wrong with a subtle approach to the World in Union theme, for once!

The less said about ITV's, the better. The world could do without Paloma Faith lasering it to death - it's just a horrible sound. And I'm not a massive fan of the arrangement, either - some of the modulations don't quite work IMHO. It would take a lot to beat 2007's version for me, and this *certainly* doesn't.
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This is a very interesting article.


Seems (and it's not really a surprise) that ITV is producing the world feed too, which explains why some commentators are appearing on both (though seemingly never on the same match). Also that ITV designed the graphics, albeit within the confines of brand guidelines they were given by World Rugby. (Still doesn't explain why they resemble Sky NZ's so closely and look nothing like ITVs).
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Interesting the BBC are able to use limited footage from the tournament in their online round up The Hit, without any credit to ITV. I'm surprised too that ITV didn't obtain the necessary permissions to use some archive Six Nations footage from the last few years for their build up and analysis - presumably from February they'll be able too and it would be useful now rather than being limited to just action from this or the previous World Cup.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?