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NEW IDENT September 2015 (September 2015)

thamesboy Granada North West Today
I have had great fun creating anew THAMES TELEVISION ident for night time.
I tried to make it colourful for a night time and tried to make a 3D (well 2D effect )

I used my name as legend just to experiment but I am really happy with the effect
and how the finished ident/logo looks.

I also had fun editing 2 pieces of the 1992 theme together, which sound brilliant

I hope you like this. Enjoy
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Its alright not poor but nothing outstanding or even close to " would you actually see this on tv" You have put in some work for this.
Back when this original ident was created, it was cutting edge or at the very least it was at the limits of what money and resources could provide. Nowadays such an effect is just.....meh. It's not a "new" logo, it's a re-creation of an old one with some rather poor keying and a horribly unrealistic background. And why use your name? If it's a vanity project for a YT channel, fair enough and good luck to you, but why post it here claiming it to be a Thames logo? It isn't, no more than the TVF logo this past week has been an ITV logo.

Two things to think about:

1) What WOULD a Thames TV logo / ident look like today? Maybe take inspiration from or seek to improve upon the actual current Thames TV Productions logo, which leaves a lot to be desired and is crying out for someone to rescue it.

2) Ident re-creations are great - we like them. At least, I do, and I prefer them to godawful studio sets or GMB or BBC News mocks. But for it to be a re-creation, it must capture the essence of what made the ident great in the first place. You've used the wrong font (Arial? Really?!), put in a background that wouldn't look out of place on a bad remaster of Blake's 7, used a poor water ripple effect that just makes me seasick, and your choice of pictures for your montage leave a lot to be desired - where have Tower Bridge's cables gone? Plus the building on the far left is obviously in daytime lighting. This wouldn't be seen on London Live, let alone the ITV weekday franchise.

Look at this and think how you could apply it to yours.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
For what it is it's a nice effort - clearly isn't what Thames would be using today but that wasn't the intention behind the mock.

Had Thames survived I suspect we'd either have got multiple idents with different London landmarks at the centre of them (probably with "people" needlessly showing emotion or something in front of them!), or they might have taken the reflection idea and applied it to various situations, which could work quite well.
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Mike W London London

I also had fun editing 2 pieces of the 1992 theme together, which sound brilliant

Must be my ears then...
thamesboy Granada North West Today
I guess as a novice, I would expect criticism. I did say it was FUN, I don't suspect THAMES or anyone else would use an image like this, given the crap they use now. Even Clayton new image, which comes to life thanks to the Brilliance of Dave Jeffrey is a static imagine that other than rise, looks pretty much as it did 40 years ago, al-be-it with a few extra landmarks.

Whether you like my attempt or not, I tried to bring life and colour and animation to dull and bland presentations.Why do I appear to be guilty for having a bit of fun?
PATV Scunthorpe Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Why do I appear to be guilty for having a bit of fun?

That's The Gallery for you, welcome to TV Forum
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Larry the Loafer Granada North West Today
Well you did misspell Thames rather badly...
Why do I appear to be guilty for having a bit of fun?

Because this is The Gallery - a showcase for talent, originality, good design and awareness of TV presentation styles, cultures and themes. It is not somewhere for you to post your third-rate five-minute YouTube channel "ident".
thamesboy Granada North West Today
I joined this site to gain experience not insults. Shame on you.
a SHOWCASE FOR TALENT? from someone has posted 2 items and had one faded out - get off your high horse
and who the hell do you think you are 3rd rate five minute ident?
It does not matter who you are, your opinion is worth ZERO to me. If this is how you treat new members, then stick it.
Just get back to your self indulgent criticism's - which your good at. They say attacking is the best form of defence.

I have no desire to be part of such a talented FORUM with asshole like you. SHAME ON YOU
dosxuk Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)

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