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A rebrand project (August 2015)

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I have been working on a rebrand for ITV’s This Morning programme for the past month or so.

For the design process I thought about what this morning is and how it fits in with viewer’s lifestyles. I came back with the idea that ‘this morning’ can fit into many people’s lives through it’s different segments and that it works well because every day is different and the contents of each edition are varied.

With this in mind I began to look at a logo design taking past logos into consideration too.

I looked at current trends in design and colour to how these could be influence the design. *

I settled on a logo using mixed fonts to represent the varied contents that could work well. Using a handwriting font to show the soft and friendly side of the programme and a capitalised sans font to represent the serious undertone that the programme can have whilst drawing a likeness to newspaper headlines.

I added a line as a separator between the two styles and decided to break it up as a dotted line with the shortened lines representing the different segments that make up each edition.

I trialed many geometric patterns, but settled on a relatively simple design of thin lines to enhance a plain background, but not to detract from the logo. I wanted to make the design cleaner than the previous look. Adding an aqua colour gradient over these allows a subtle difference but keeps the image clean.

Moving on to programme graphics.
I looked at ways that the menu/recap could be displayed.

The design that I preferred uses the aqua background with a system extending the dotted line to create a box for images to display in.

Looking at the name captions I looked at simple logo and line, adding a gradient and then at using the symbols similar to the current straps.

In the end I went with the symbol box and bar that could connect to the recap/menu and have used similar colouring to the current segment bespoke straps to keep familiarity.

The DOG/Bug/On screen logo would appear to the right of the itv on screen over any pre recorded films/packages.

I’ve looked into ideas for titles and done rough storyboards into these.
The first uses the dotted line transforming into various forms to show how the different segments are linked together.

The second uses an idea similar to current but as an overview of a long dining table with tablets, photos, catalogues, magazines, cookbooks, first aid kits, newspaper, etc. laid out like a busy house could look and showing the different segments in the programme ending with a pull up from the table focusing on the TV with the logo appearing.

Finally I’ve looked at social media and how that change with a rebrand.

The images of iphone & iPad show the icon that could represent a This Morning app and how it would appear.

The website bar would change to reflect the change but would ultimately remain the bespoke ITV layout.

Twitter & Facebook would have new logos and photos added to their respected sites/apps to fully repositioned the brand.

Thank you for reading. As always your comments are welcome.
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On the whole, I like this.

I like the logo, and the use of a light teal colour. I like the attention to detail and the obviously large amount of work you've put in, as evidenced by your sketches, social media ideas, etc.

I fear, while I like the 'handwriting-style' typeface, it could potentially be tricky to read. (I had to look at the 'Ainsley Harriot's Jerk Delight' for a few seconds to be confident I'd read it correctly.) Also, with the cooking-related name graphic, I think the light grey with the white text (even including the shadow) on top is a little hard to read.

Incredibly minor but I don't like the yellow colour of the 'watch on ITV Player...' on the webpage. Personal preference.

I love the little attention to detail of adding the day on the menu, e.g. "this [Wednesday] morning".

I very much like the dotted line usage. Clever, and consistent. Love the menu background with a subtle but effective geometric pattern.

On the whole - very good, and an evident and commendable amount of effort went into it.
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Thank you David.

I see your points with the handwriting font. I did have play around with using the ITV Reem font for the text during the programme with the other fonts for the logo purely.

I've added it to an edited food caption below to give you an idea of what I mean.
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The handwritten font may be ok if viewed at 1080i on ITV HD, but it would alienate SD viewers, so a different font would be better.
Mike W
I think the handwritten font seems a bit random, I really like the effort that's clearly gone into this though and it has potential.

I think the dashed line motif that's throughout the graphics is nice, but the LOCOG inspired line pattern doesn't match the logo/typography.

3.5/5 at the moment, but will reserve my votes for future changes as this looks as though it could develop!
the eye
I quite like it to be honest, certainly some effort has gone into it. There are a few things that could do with tidying and enlarging, but pretty decent.
This is a really high quality mock, you can clearly see all the stages that you've gone though to produce this and all the different designs you've though of. It seems you've clearly thought through what your design would be, something that most graphic mocks on here don't do. Rarely for a GMB/This Morning mock I could see this on air. I really like the idea of the colour palette and the sort of design booklet, something I've been working on for my upcoming project, it gives it a sense of genuine completeness.
Really appreciate the effort that has gone into this and how you've outlined your thought process, and especially appreciate how you've held back and done it all off the forum rather than posting it as you went along though.

Must say though however much you justify the design and try and interpret it as being highly significant, my first thoughts on seeing the thumbnail was "don't like that". That said though as I scrolled down the page I did like it more and more and it certainly works from a social media point of view. You've not really indicated exactly how it would look in the titles yet but I'm not sure about the dog, while the menu is a bit lifeless. I prefer the tile concept you posted as a draft.

Overall though a really welcome mock and 5/5 for the effort alone. There are a couple of elements not quite too my taste but as DTV said this really is a high quality contribution to the forum - yourself and pip2 might just have saved this place over the last couple of days.
Respectable work. I like your hand drawn stuff. Its always interesting to see how other people dev their designs.

The problem is the Logo... which is understandable as logo design is incredibly difficult.

Looking at your design process it seems you have developed the rest of your design directly from the logo. I think this has incredibly restricted your later decisions and was probably the wrong order in which to work.

Both of your logo font choices are poor. The 'this' font is too soft and the 'morning' font is too shouty. Id choose one font for both words and look for something half way between soft and shouty. Fonts have been redrawn for logos many times and the logo font need not be the same as those used for everything else.

The dotted lines... What do they mean? Connection? Cut here? They are fine as a title/osg design element, but seriously need to be removed from the logo.

It might be worthwhile developing the design and logo as separate projects, possibly in tandem.

Logo aside... the rest of your design is quite promising. I'm looking forward to seeing you realise some of your title designs. I'm confident you have the ideas and technical knowledge to improve this.

Currently 3/5 - Your execution is superb, but a lot of your design decisions need to be reworked.
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Really like this, seems like you've put quite a lot of thought into it with all of the sketches and storyboards. I like how you've shown how this can be used through every element of the show with the Twitter/Facebook and Website. Very Impressive. I'm very interested to see how ITV have rebranded the show for the Autumn.
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I give you 5 stars, the design may not be there, but you have put in a hell of alot of effort.

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