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I've noticed that, when previewing a post with an embedded (non YouTube/Vimeo) video, a HTML5 video player is displayed although does not work correctly. However, when the post is published the old JW Player (Flash on desktop) is used instead. Will the option to use the native HTML5 video player be coming soon?

Just for a little fun, if anyone wants to see what it would look like, copy the following code into the reply box, and swap the more/less than signs for square brackets. Click on 'Preview post' (not 'Submit'!!). Doesn't work in Opera.

<wsvideo>http://up.metropol247.co.uk/082015/1438865132_1822922032.mp4" controls="true" type="video/mp4" poster="http://up.metropol247.co.uk/082015/1438868738_1678769794.png"</wsvideo>
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I DO like how the 2 woodpeacker moves while going down the screen!
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Cheers, hope you like the refreshed homepage and other little tweaks. The changes have been mainly backend - including moving to a new server (notice the new URL?) but thankfully now that's all out of the way I can go back to small updates and fixes more regularly.

Any problems, just let me know. Bilky - using YouTube/Vimeo URLs in the [media] tag has been fixed.
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