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Launches 29th July (October 2014)

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My browser is SeaMonkey 2.35 on Windows 8.1. I don't see why the website should see my main PC as running anything other than Windows 8.1.

Well yeah, that's what I mean. It sees you're running 8.1 and so it decides you want the migration tool.

You can use this extension to change the user agent string:
London Lite Founding member
I've finally installed Windows 10 after disabling the anti-virus software and Microsoft programs from Windows 7.

16 days later

The SNT Three
Has anyone else found that 10 has significantly slowed down their system? It also had a bug which caused emails not to send in Outlook, which appears to have affected a number of users. All in all, I'm not that impressed - I see little benefit and many flaws.
noggin Founding member
No - not had any major issues with Windows 10 on the 3 machines I've installed it on (32GB/1GB Quad Core Atom tablet, Sandy Bridge i3 Laptop and Haswell Celeron Desktop)

Found it a big improvement on Windows 8.1 - but not sure how I feel compared to Windows 7. Definitely feels better on a tablet than either of them though. The Win 8.1 Desktop was dreadful on a tablet, whereas the combined Desktop and Metro/New interface feels much cleaner and works better for me.

Only thing I've found that confuses it so far has been running an external HDMI display in extended desktop mode on the tablet, and then rotation caused some issues...
Charlie Wells Moderator
I had a bit of fun & games...

For some reason the user permissions didn't transfer properly, resulting in some programs only running when run as administrator. A quick manual correction of permissions to add my username to my user folder & sub-folders fixed this.

I also had my start menu suddenly stop working. Thankfully a quick search revealed a fix, by right clicking on the start menu button to launch command prompt as administrator. Then in command prompt load Powershell and copy & paste a command which got it working again.

Apart from that Windows 10 appears to be working alright.

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