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Granada North West Today

Don't see what's wrong with the cropping personally. Another great addition, NI Very Happy

Indeed they've used an edited 'Powder' soundtrack, which is different to the original soundtrack which can be seen in the Centenary TV ARK clip from 1995:


The original sounds a bit morbid compared to a trimmed version of Powder. I think they made the right decision. Alpha Papa shouldn't be preceded by the sound of a key character being stabbed in a historical drama (or at least that's what it sounds like to me).
There's a new BBC2 sting, shown before The Beechgrove Garden this morning, featuring the caterpillar 2 (from Springwatch promo 2) sneezing.
NI showed Centenary ident with the original soundtrack, before Antiques Roadshow. Unless I'm mistaken, they've added a dream-like effect to the visuals, and slowed it down a little, compared to the original.

See it here, for a limited period (at 17:15):
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It’s great to see Silk on Network, although the white box logo just looks wrong. I really don’t understand why Network cannot see that the use of an oversized box logo just does not work with these idents.

I wonder if Silk is the first of several more that Network are going to add?
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Also, does it seem slightly squashed to anyone else?
It's probably my eyes and some form of optical trickery with the silk moving, but I can almost swear that the image moves downwards slightly at one point a few seconds before the CA starts speaking. It likely isn't, but that's what my eyes see!

It does look shorter and fatter than the BBC 2 NI version though which looks more accurately proportioned.

It is great to see they can take a 4:3 image and make it 16:9 and yet it still looks good, and not some horrendous mess. The soundtrack is also wonderful on the 90's BBC 2 idents.
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