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Joshua2,932 posts since 9 Jul 2005
This is quite radical if true - although, I have to say I quite like Tom.

I wouldn't be sad to see Alastair go really - I know he's very popular on here but I've always found his delivery quite patronising. If Austin & Etchingham were to move to the 6.30, then the big question - really, is what happens to Mary, whose been at the helm since the late 90s IIRC.

I'd prefer Austin & Julie were still on the Ten, even if it was solo-anchoring, with Tom and Mary presenting the 6.30?

Very interesting stuff anyway...
Silver Nemesis375 posts since 9 Mar 2008
Granada Wales Today
Tom Bradby is very good and if this is true I wouldn't be surprised - they won't want to lose him. But at the same time I really hope this is either wild speculation or someone's got their wires crossed - because Austin and Etchingham really are excellent on NAT. Stewart is one of the best, a newscaster of the same calibre as Burnet and co, and Nightingale is very underrated too. Everything about ITV news is the best it's been for 10-15 years or so - network BBC bulletins are arguably in more need of a shake-up than ITV's.
Selwyn Froggatt
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I would be very sad if Alastair was moved away from the Evening News. He's one of the most experienced newscasters at ITN and I always enjoy his style
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Selwyn Froggatt
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I didn't think Tom was very good on Election Night. I watched BBC overnight, then switched to ITV to watch Alastair, who I thought was excellent
Square Eyes7,251 posts since 31 Mar 2001
I wonder what they are thinking of with Tom Bradby? Maybe making News at Ten more analytical, a bit like Newsnight to provide an alternative to the BBC News.

Perhaps there is some audience research that says he's popular with 'hassled mums' or something.

Personally, I think he's better when being political editor than news anchor.
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