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Does the Euro feed get any news from the US Studio? Is the presenter on AJ new or is this the usual presenter for a Friday?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's a separate international version of the Stream from the main Washington studio. I don't think Inside Story ever comes from DC anymore on AJE, does it? Aside from those two, that's it for live US output on AJE.
AJE has gone back to the previous start time for broadcasts from London. With that and the sun setting later, the skyline looks amazing.
Broadcasting from London today, with the usually Doha based David Foster - no reason as to why, but the studio looks absolutely amazing being used during daytime... just look at that view!


Looks stunning.
Hatton Cross
Yes for the sweep at the top of the hour and in and out of breaks - otherwise, if it's not seen at other times, bit of a waste really, because it's a very nice backdrop - even better on a cloudless blue sky day.

Also, is that a CGI partly rendered studio roof? There's something 'too neat' about it for it to be real.
Also, is that a CGI partly rendered studio roof? There's something 'too neat' about it for it to be real.

No. Apparently it's just a cleverly designed part of the set that incorporates all the lighting as a feature rather than trying to hide them.
They've seemed to notice the skyline and used it for the :30 headlines a few hours ago, when it was still sunny.


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Great to see the skyline being used to it's full advantage during daytime hours.
noggin Founding member
The eternal balancing act of having a killer wide-shot you see for a couple of seconds once or twice an hour, versus cracking mid-shots, MCUs or two-shots you see for tens of minutes...

Do you design from the mid-shot out, or the wide-shot in?
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AJE are now streaming their HD version on YouTube. Currently in BETA.

Inspector Sands
I suspect that Doha is having some work done, hence the increase in hours from London. They've been overdue a systems refresh for a while, and a new look for even longer
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Why has it switched back to London? what times does it come from Doha now? I've never seen sport done from London before either.

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