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HTV West Points West
Saw BBC TWO finish up last night and caught my interest that they went into the clean-symbol overnight loop with Predator... So thought I'd record the rest.

The programme clips are the same, however the 50 Years 1990s symbols now appear between all of them, in differing lengths.

Most of these are quite short inserts, but a few run for longer - notably Paint Pot.

Whether done in error or not, it may be worth mentioning NI and Wales have shown the following idents with clean audio:

Swan (17"), 6:30pm Tue 22nd July

Duck (15"), 11:20pm Thur 31st July
Predator (19"), 2:45pm Wed 13 Aug
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Ducks sting shown on NI, before The Belgium Grand Prix (12:55pm).

Description in The TV Room: "BBC Two sting - Ducks. Not a lot of animation in this one. The '2' is static whilst the numerous ducks bob up and down in the bath; lots of squeaking."

edit ... Jaws sting, before Flog It!

The TV Room: "BBC Two sting - Jaws. The third in this family of shorts. This one features the duck '2' swimming through the bubble bath squeaking the theme from Jaws."


Dr Who ident ('Dalek' version), before Two Tribes.
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Great to be able to see Swan Change Mind sting, shown again on NI, before Dragons' Den. I'm glad they've made the decision to show these stings without any logo. I do prefer them like this.
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