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Jon posted:
I seem to remember that LL's head of news Vikki Cook said that they wouldn't use a sofa.

Cue today, 14-1, LL's sports show is using a sofa for their three guests which works perfectly.

I'm sure she was referring to news output which they might be counting 14-1 as, but it's a semi-serious sport magazine show and not news.

14-1 has been more dumbed down that it was today. The change from using the NOTS/Wake Up London desk and stools made a difference.

The Saturday news review show London Local also uses the sofa. Incidentally, Vanessa Baffoe is still around to present that, but Jade Worsley has been presenting travel on Wake Up London.
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How the sofa was positioned on 14-1. Looks better infront of the windows rather than the brick wall.

Never mind that Brazil question- LONDON LIVE: Is this the worst TV channel ever?
Never mind that Brazil question- LONDON LIVE: Is this the worst TV channel ever?

You ask that when there is a whole load of teleshopping channels, 'dollar-a-hollar' religious channels and babe channels in existence. Next to any of them, London Live looks more than okay.
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London Live's studio output is improving slowly. Wake Up London is clearly the best of the bunch, Headline London has been less reliant on long winded debates, instead going for one to one interviews and more lives and packages, while Not the One Show has become more topical. World Cup Corner has been a way of introducing a sports segment which meets their remit of making news interesting for a younger audience.

Where they still need to work on is Power Lunch. It sticks out like a sore thumb and reduces the news output. This show should be pre-recorded in the week and scheduled on a Sunday lunchtime, instead of another repeat of London's Burning, along with the scripts for the headlines, which aren't of a high standard.

The stand out strand has been the Sunday Platform 8 documentary strand, which is currently on hiatus. (Docs are being repeated on weekdays).
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Oh dear - is that how they plan to cover one of the city's biggest events. Just by asking on Twitter where they should go. Isn't the conversation supposed to be the other way, with the journalists advising their audience of what they should try and see?

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Well it was bound to happen eventually...
Right, so they want to be a London based entertainment channel instead of Local TV service. I may as well watch E4/BBC3/Channel 4 at this rate, NEXT!
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From what I've read of the proposal, the cuts are mainly to the non-news local output, which they've requested to reduce from 3.5 hours per day to an hour. Presumably so they can squeeze more repeats of London's Burning and the C4/BBC archive.

From what I've watched of the local output, while Food Junkies and CTRL Freaks have been good, the rest of the non current affairs output have been poor.

The cuts also include repeating news output. This is currently provided by the overnight 'Talking Points' programme.

The changes to the wording of the hyperlocal output, is an admission that they simply can't provide the promised output which was core to ESTV winning the licence.

I suspect the cuts to the entertainment output is to bolster the news output. They've invested in additional freelancers (Emma Thomas, the ex BBC SET reporter is now part of the pool of freelancers) to make the output newiser.
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I wonder what would happen if there was a significant public objection to the proposals, and Ofcom turned down their request?

(yes, I realise this is quite unlikely to happen...)
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