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Granada North West Today
The Bay TV Liverpool launch has been pushed back yet again.

Hopes that the station could be on the air in Spring 2014 were not to be when it became clear that a vital relay transmitter at Storeton, Wirral, could not be in operation until August 2014.

Storeton serves low-lying parts of Liverpool, including the city centre, and parts of Wirral and we have decided that it would not be right to launch until the entire potential audience in 933,000 homes across the region, are able to receive programmes.

It means we have had to revise our plans and we are now working towards a launch some time in September or October, depending on the speed with which the Storeton relay can be commissioned.

What is the company that is funding these channels called again?
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
STV Glasgow listings (from Freeview EPG)

Launch Night (Monday):

18.30 - The Riverside Show News
19.00 - The Riverside Show
20.30 - Peter & Roughie's Football Show
21.00 - My Life in Ten Pictures
21.30 - The Blether
22.00 - STV Glasgow News
22.30 - Scotland Tonight
23.00 - The Riverside Show

Then, Weekdays look like this:

12.00 - STV Glasgow News
14.30 - Scotland Tonight
15.00 - Hooked
15.30 - STV Glasgow News
15.45 - The Riverside Show
17.15 - STV Glasgow News
17.30 - Take the High Road
18.00 - STV News at Six
18.30 - The Riverside Show News
19.00 - The Riverside Show
20.30 - Peter & Roughie's Football Show
21.00 -
- Tue : Classic Taggart
- Wed : Czas Honoru
- Thu : Glasgow's Murder Mysteries
- Fri : The Riverside Weekend; The Tenement
22.00 - STV Glasgow News
22.30 - Scotland Tonight; The Blether ( Fri )
23.00 - The Riverside Show
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
That's actually quite a good line up of old and new programmes. Guessing the Glasgow news will be under the same branding as the main STV News throughout the day.
I agree, its like an ideal generic weekend/bank holiday daytime slot but with 10x more news. Very impressed with the news schedule, hope there is content for all of those programmes though.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Credit to STV for showing the Polish language drama. Not only should it provide a boost for launch ratings, it also cements the fact that the channel is specifically targeted at the community. After the damb squib that is London Live, it looks like we could be looking at a fairly decent local TV station. I do wonder how much will be shared with STV Edinburgh when it launches.