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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

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South Today
Rebecca Williams maybe?
Juliette Parkin was on at 06:25, 06:55 and 07:25 too.
I don't know if you need to adjust the colour on your television but a young brown haired Nafisa Sayani appeared at 07:55. I have not seen her before either, but then I am not a regular viewer of BBC Breakfast.

Both Juliette Parkin at 07:25 and Nafisa Sayani at the end of her only appearance said "Join me in half an hour", a request that was not possible for the viewer to carry out of course.

Also from this mornings programme. Ian Collins scratching his upper lip during a slightly early opt...
Thanks for the name, I wonder what happened that she had to fill in?
I spotted Nafisa Sayani at 07:55 too. I was sure it was Juliette on the earlier bulletin, but thought I must've been getting confused. Thanks for putting my mind at ease! Yes I wonder why on earth there was a change of presenter for just the one bulletin. Any ideas?
Pan-regional 8pm summary from Oxford. Recording Late Kick Off in Southampton?
Indeed, the main studio and gallery were doing Late Kick Off, the presentation gallery in Southampton was transmitting Inside Out.

17 days later

Three Lefts Do
rob posted:
The Thames Valley titles for you:

The title sequence has most of the same images as the existing pan-West titles, albeit reshuffled into a slightly different order. The omissions are: No Brighton Pier, no Spinnaker Tower, no marching soldiers, and no Needles Lighthouse on the endcap.

The replacement images are: Punting by the Magdalen Bridge on the River Cherwell in Oxford, the Mini motor car factory production line, the Maiwand Lion statue in Reading, and the Oracle shopping centre (Kennet riverside entrance) in Reading on the endcap.

There's a bit of a sloppy edit in the Thames Valley titles. The transition from the 7th to 8th image (in this case, a mask-wearing nurse and a lion statue, respectively) is not well done. The 7th image should smoothly slide vertically downwards to exit the bottom of the screen, to be replaced by the 8th image coming down from the top of the screen.

However, what actually happens in the Thames Valley titles is that the 7th image (the nurse) abruptly cuts to a version of the 8th image (the lion statue) a fraction of a second too early. Then the downward slide happens - meaning that the image exiting the bottom of the screen and the image entering from the top are BOTH the lion statue!

Given that (A) it's a standard template, and (B) all the other transitions are smooth despite having different and/or re-ordered images, quite why this one moment is so badly edited is beyond me.
According to Twitter, Sally Taylor is interviewing Fred Dinenage on South Today tonight to talk about his 50 years in television in the South.
Thanks for the heads up. That was quite interesting. An odd thing for them to do though, interview someone who has worked for the 'other side' for 50 years for no other reason than that. Did Dinenage wear the same blue tie with white spots on Meridian Tonight this evening too?
John posted:
According to Twitter, Sally Taylor is interviewing Fred Dinenage on South Today tonight to talk about his 50 years in television in the South.
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15 days later

South Today Oxford getting a new set.
Three Lefts Do
South Today Oxford getting a new set.

Wow, hell has officially frozen over!

It's only taken them, what, about 5 years (?) since Southampton ditched their "breakfast bar" set.

Shame I never lived to see the change whilst I still resided in the sub-region. Grr.

EDIT: So, they're back in their original home down in the BBC Oxford reception/foyer area for the next couple of weeks then. The CGI newsroom wallpaper in the back of that small glass-doored, in-the-wall cupboard (making it seem like a small "window" looking into an office) has never been removed since those days, so will once again be part of the backdrop.

Good riddance to the wooden/laminate style studio flooring. Oxford was the last remaining BBC regional news studio that still had it, weren't they?
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