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14th January 2013 - The Worlds Newsroom (January 2013)

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I think the point is it keeps on happening with bbc news you don't see it happening at sky and cnn, it's because the Beeb have gone for automation but it only seems to work properly 85% of the time.

85%? So on average 9 minutes of every hour are disrupted by automation issues? Confused

I should have said 85% over a 11 month period

So the equivalent of 50 days of broadcasting have been disrupted by the automation? (And that's only including NC live hours)

The people complaining about the automation may have a point if it was hitting 85% reliability - the fact is it's hitting the high 99.9%s.
Marcus Founding member
But what percentage of programmes have suffered from automation problems in some way?
Without some actual notes on which programmes have been affected (and how long for) that would be very difficult to calculate.

However, giving it a go, I would guess there's been getting on towards 15000 hours of programming produced from NBH since it opened. Putting Harshy's 85% figure into that would indicate over 2000 programmes affected by automation issues.

Personally, I've not seen any issues in the last few months (apart from the hungover trundlecam at Christmas - which sounded mechanical rather than automation based) when I've been watching. I don't know if that's representative or if I've just been lucky.
But what percentage of programmes have suffered from automation problems in some way?

Well personally I don't keep a diary of this but I'm pretty sure that it is being over-exaggerated on this forum. It's probably less than 1%.
Who was it that said that it takes 20 years to build a good reputation although just 5 minutes to wreck it?

The point is that there are "issues" some of which are headed off by the directors. Sometimes things don't work although those things are not always obvious to a viewer. Mosart works best for structured programmes like the five, six and ten although is slow and clunky for any breaking news scenario.

harshy Founding member
I think I am over exaggerating the thing is on tv forum plus youtube the illusion gives it's much higher I have to admit I personally except for missing logos or chopped one not seen any major errors.
scottishtv Founding member
Of course, I'll admit I've seen a few on-screen errors live since the move, as I'm one of us that looks for them.

But what I've mainly seen is far more camera angles being used (esp the national bulletins, the Ten being the one I watch nightly), some really nice moving tracking shots that you would never have seen in TVC's bulletins and overall, I think, a really polished, professional output.

If I'm up early and catch the World Today, there's also a greater variety of shots used and some really nice intros/outros and headline/report sequences complete with crisp, clear stings and perfectly timed transitions and effects. That said, I'm not convinced Newsday works with the split screen setup but overall the quality of the output, to me, seems really high - and in most cases, almost perfection.

Maybe I'm just easily pleased.
There were quite a few errors this morning. The biggest one being Bieber 3rd in the RO!
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Have been told by an insider that there are pilots beginning today for a new BBC World News programme. I suspect this is the Outside Source?
The big screen used for the weather is at the moment being used for piloting of the Outside Source, so weather is coming from the green screen this afternoon rather than the plasma.
Pilots have actually been on going for a while now.
harshy Founding member
what type of show is this thats its been presented from the plasma screen?

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