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Amusingly ITV Regional Teletext - or at least London's - continued to have information about the Year of Promise until the pages were switched off at the end of 2004.
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I remember that a primary school teacher of mine used to show us Cool Runnings (an end-of-term favourite for us in those days, c.2001) taped from that transmission. I always wondered what those break bumpers were about. He'd stopped the recording for the ads and the in-vision bits that were mentioned upthread (apart from one bit, ISTR) but the break bumpers remained.

Glad to finally know what it all referred to. How funny!
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I don't think the Promise Sites ever did appear, I remember reading an article about how they were abandoned due to lack of interest.

The trailer end boards were used from the start of that year until a bit after the Day of Promise I believe.

BBC Music Live was at the heart of the 'BBC getting too big for its itself' era which was reined in years to come, and has now been reined in too far.
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I've been keeping this leaflet for years waiting for an appropriate thread

Wow, thanks for that! Did any of these promise sites ever come into being?

I bet a few of them still exist, lord knows in what form.

According to that archived site the register was sent to the national libraries of Scotland, Wales and NI as well as the British Library. A quick look on each of their catalogues and I can only find one in the Scottish library, they've also got a CD ROM with the register on and info on the event:


The publisher is listed as Carlton Television, somehow it doesn't surprise me that this dreadful event was their idea! Were LWT not responsible for bank holidays?
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Gosh good find thegeek! Cementing "I will boogie with the unknown enigmas" in history is well worth anyone's £25.

I wonder if Mohammed Ibrahim has committed suicide yet? Was there no quality threshold for these promises or was Carlton that desperate for the cash?!
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I've found youtube evidence of the CITV coverage from the day. Interesting to see that Eamonn and Carol hosted this part of the coverage too... complete with cardboard cartoon cutouts in the studio. And indeed Stephen and Danielle did decamp down to London for the day as mentioned earlier.

If adults struggled to understand this day then god knows what the kids were thinking this day was all about too.
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