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ITV2's New Idents

Second wave (April 2013)

Tumble Tower Meridian (South) South Today
Thanks Andrew.

My recent ITV2 ident recordings have been:

Hay Roll Walking 22/06/2013 17:45
Wheelbarrow-Wielding Workmen 23/06/2013 02:25

You said you saw the Airport one on 10 June 2013 in the evening. Has it been shown since then? If it was shown over the weekend of 22/23 June, how come I didn't catch it? Has it been on the last couple of weeks?
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Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
I've certainly seen it several times in the past six weeks. But just like almost all other channels, ITV2 doesn't show idents in strict rotation (if only that was the case for us pres geeks) and seems to favour some more than others.
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Has 'Lion Walker' gone for good and been replaced by 'Panda Walker'?? Not seen the lion walker in ages, its always that bloody panda!
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55 days later

Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Remember those show reels earlier in the year with unseen idents on them? Well the Lilo Run across a swimming pool has now aired at last.

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