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pre 2004 tracks - not sure if library (February 2013)

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Hi guys.

Not sure if its library music or not but does anyone have any pre 2004 Tyne Tees News packages they could share?
I know the 2004-2006 and 2006-2013 stuff is on 4shared.

Many thanks
Not packages but clean main tracks I Posted on a thread a couple years or so back that where on DAT...

Tyne Tees - 1997 17'' opener
Tyne Tees - 1997 - Extended opener

North East Today - 2001
North East Tonight - 2001
Thanks for those! I had originally downloaded them ages ago but they'd gone missing so I re-downloaded them!
Am I right in thinking the 1997 package was a remix of the previous?
Isonstine Founding member
Yes, it was a remix of the old Network North theme when Tyne Tees split their news service. It's a great theme, and the North East Tonight arrangement was always my favourite - one of the modern greats.
I thought so. I'd love a copy of that package if anyone has it! (The un-remixed 97)

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