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(December 2003)

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London Lite Founding member
So what if rotas are brought up? I'd rather have that then have no discussion at all.

What you personally prefer is really neither here nor there when a rule was set so as not to annoy the majority - but at least we can now understand why it doesn't work.

For you maybe, but there are other members who are interested in rota chat. The splitting of the BBC, ITV and Sky threads has helped so that the main threads are for presentation discussion.

But then again, we had that tape and chair nonsense recently too. Confused
Asa Admin
There are members interested in rota/presenter chat but that's why there are dedicated threads. Given how the studio change for London Tonight has largely been buried under rota chat, I think this is a sensible point to close the thread and ask that those who wish to talk rotas create a new thread (perfectly fine if you don't want LT chat to be part of the ITV News presenters thread, just as long as it's on it own).

Presentation/studio/technical discussion should begin in a separate thread too.

As a side note, it's not that helpful to rename threads that have been around for 176 pages! I know it has become a more generic thread since the original topic it was created for but maybe in future just calling it "London Tonight" and using the description box for pointing out developments.

Thanks, Asa

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