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TV Sceen Returns

(June 2002)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Ben Founding member
It's Bigger, It's Better and BACK SOON!!!

Yes I've been working very hard over at TV Screen. Improving and adding, but none of that worked. So instead I completely started from scratch.

Plus TV Screen is doing the in thing, providing TV News in a very basic way, if its good enough for TV Forum...

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to TV Screen adding uniqueness in every sense, but it will be a totally new TV website relaunching soon. So soon it could be tomorrow or the next day.

Make sure you join us at TV Screen for the launch - details posted here first!
Whataday Founding member
Hope it's only VERY basic TV news! Wink
Ben Founding member
Whataday posted:
Hope it's only VERY basic TV news! Wink

I'm talking a feed from Moreover and a couple of reports.

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