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BBC FOUR interactive - mock idea

(May 2002)

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Well, the experts of mocks will probably find 100+ faults with this (that wasnít a complaint, constructive criticism is most welcome) but Iíve decided to venture into the world of mock-making.

Suppose that each BBC channel had itís own silly little interactive service on Digital Satellite - hereís my little idea of how one could look for BBC FOUR.

Options (1) and (2) would give info. on programmes (though I am aware the flaw here may be that this on the homepage would need lots of frequent updating, unless it could be automated). (3) would have pretty pictures and some programmes picked out to watch (in the style of the website), (4) is obvious, and (5) could discuss a particular topic each month, as promoted and linked to by a programme. (For example, tying into a series on jazz there could be a section on it here).

Pressing i would bring up links to other BBCi services, like BBCi Text, BBC News Interactive, etc. (Can still watch channel in little box).

Iíve tried to use fairly narrow text so that it would also work on widescreen TVs.

Thoughts/ideas? Even agree/disagree with the general idea of each channel having a simple interactive service?
aww bless. I love looking at new artist's creations. Smile
One tip - if your going to make a mock, turn spell checker off Wink Good work for a beginner

People are gonna pull you up on....

Safe Areas - You need to space objects further into the screen or they will vanish of the side
Aspect Ratio - TV screens are either 4:3 ratio or Widescreen (16:9), yours appears to be neither. In case you don't know, 4:3 means that
Spellchecker - Whatever software you used has put a little red squiggle under the word BBCi because the spellcheck doesn't recognise it - fix that!!!!!

Personally I'm gonna concentrate on the fact i really don't like the BBC Four font so I would always try to come up with something better. Also, BBC Four has some gread designs for its idents and presentation, why not use them as a background?

Oh, and I think it's a good idea, I'd very much like each channel to have a "homepage" within BBCi Text that linked to backup info about programmes and things - great going!
Thanks... did notice the silly error, but obviously not in time. Sad Very Happy

Re: the wide aspect - I understand that on a 4:3 TV the BBCi text stuff has a compressed 16:9 image for the channel screen with normal logos and readable text, and on a 16:9 TV the image appears fine, as does the text, and logos are stretched.

On the mock I still wanted it to look OK, so I didn't compress the 'video' image for the sake of it.

But re: the safe areas - I've seen the demonstrations for astons etc. where the image is used both in 16:9 and 4:3 - but with services like BBCi on DSat isn't it just a case of stretching?

Am also aware that the image doesn't match up with what it says is 'now', but it's the image I found quickest!!! (thanks to TheTVRoom)
Wow! You're showing BBC Four News on BBC World then? (noticed the DOG - is that from my site?) Do we get to see the breakfiller? Lol!
Nice design. I like the colour you've chosen for the background. Rolling Eyes
MikeG posted:
Wow! You're showing BBC Four News on BBC World then? (noticed the DOG - is that from my site?)

No. As I said, it was from the TV Room and was the image I could find the quickest!!! (Apologises most strongly and retreats to back off room).

Ryan posted:
Nice design. I like the colour you've chosen for the background. Rolling Eyes

Nice compliment and then you spoil it all with the rolling eyes. Crying or Very sad
Well here is my attempt at BBC Four Interactive:

A nice see-thru menu, just what I like! And I think the pinky-purple background you've chosen for it really stands out, especially around the BBC Four logo.

<slaps smiley sticker on BBC World's clothing>

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