Big Brother Interactive Game - Theme Tune

(May 2002)

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Would it be possible for anyone to record the theme tune which plays in the background on the Big Brother Interactive Game. I think it lasts for about 4 or 5 minutes.

Or does anyone know where I can get it.

BTW - It isn't the original theme tune I don't think, it seems like a remix with sort of bongo sounding drums in it.

The other day I was playing the gane and listening to the music too. Then I listened to the 3-minute tune a couple of days later, on a CD I recorded. I immediately recognised the tune, and am 100% sure they are the same ones.

I'll check them both out again, and if they are, I'll e-mail you the MP3 which is stashed away on my computer somewhere. Wink
Oh well, thats fine then. I had a CD around the time of the first big brother and it had the tune on it but it was different, it was probably actually a shortened version.

Thanks for your help! Smile
peterrocket Founding member
The Original Album has a 5 minute re-mix on it, it's used on the trail to promote the various ways to "get interactive"

Not looked at the game, so dont' know if it's the same one.
DJ Dave
where can you get it?
Well here is the BB Ad, for the Interactivity music...

Enjoy Smile

TVArchive Founding member
The BB tune on the interactive "game" pages is from the first cut of the Big Brother Theme Tune. It is a 10 minute remix not widely publicised (I think kept only for white label by Oakenfold at the time).

It was the first remix of the first theme tune.
CraigF posted:
Thanks for your help! Smile

That's what I'm here for! Looks like I've been beaten though, for putting the file put up.

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