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(May 2002)

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ITV Lover
Well, in my spare time - I designed some ITV1 mocks. Mocks marked with a Arrow are animated in Flash at (They're slow at first - but give them a chance to load)

So, here goes Arrow
TTTV Arrow
Carlton Arrow
Next and Then Arrow

Lacking in originality maybe, but I don't think I've done
that bad a job - have I?

Feedback appreciated,
ITV Lover Wink
all i have to say... IT GOOD
(compaired to the mocks in this link
Compared to NEWS24's mocks these are an absolute stroke of genious... Very good ideas - my only criticism would be the background could do with some colour. A very good effort - well done.
Have to say my only critisism is that you ought to check your title-safe areas... i'm sure 4:3 would get hen at 7:30 instead of Then at 7:30 Wink

Excellent ... that gray backgound looks almost biological. I'd love to see other patterns like that, too.

The only criticism I have is not necessarily about your work! Your clean lines and minimalist texture have really highlighted how bleeding ugly the ITV logo is. But, like I said, that isn't your fault. Wink

Great work!
ITV Lover
MarkNewby posted:
Have to say my only critisism is that you ought to check your title-safe areas... i'm sure 4:3 would get hen at 7:30 instead of Then at 7:30 Wink


I must say that I am pathetically bad at remembering about the 4:3 safe areas, I do it all the time it seems. I'll see if I can fix that soon.

PS. I can't believe MrTomServo - the best mock designer on the forum said mine were good! Wow! Laughing
ITV Lover
Well, I have looked at the ITV website ( and their Business to Business site, and this is my interpretation on what the new ITV1 idents may be like.

The background is from the site, and I got the idea of the squares from the B2B site where it has the blurb about the autumn schedule. I know they look a bit boring, but they're simple.

I used a white ITV1 logo like Big Phil in his mocks in the other thread, I hope he doesn't mind me 'using' his idea - Wink
The ident starts with four squares appearing one by one and fading out
And when the four squares have all faded out...
The ITV1 logo and regional logo start to fade up
And stay there for the rest of the ident with suitable swirly background effects
Coming Next, as before, only with the updated background and white logo. Plus, it's 4:3 safe.
Just a thought...
EDIT: The clock looks crap because of the small size of the file. Imagine it smooth. Looking marginally better.

I know they're simple, boring and unimaginative - but it's my interpretation of what's on at the moment. If anyone has any better ones (and lets face it - it's not hard to make better ones than these) - I'd be happy to see them Laughing
Apart from the clock Very Happy they're great. Exept ITV are bound to use the proper colors on the logo.
Here's my attempt. One thing to note is the removal of the '1'. The feeling is that the '1' along with ITV Digital has weakened the ITV brand name, it's time to reinforce it.
ITV Lover
Wow! That's really good!
For Carlton
ITV Lover
Well, lets open it up a bit. I called the thread "New ITV Mocks" so people could post mocks of any ITV channel.

Here are my ideas for an ITV News channel, incidentally, called ITV News. I decided to drop the 'Channel' because you don't see 'ITV 2 Channel' and 'BBC News 24 Channel'.

This replaces the ITN News channel, but keeps some elements from it. The arrows are still there - I quite like them, lol! This theme would be carried through on ITV1 and the new ITV2 bulletins (yes - I'd love to have news updates on the hour on ITV2 - but it'll never happen).

These also keep a consistent brand between all of the ITV channels. You can see my other ITV1 mocks above - and they keep the same ideas. Each channel will have a different background to them - ITV1 the blue thing I got from the website - ITV News the old idea of the arrows - in red.

So - here are my ideas.

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