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TV Whirl - Revision 5

(May 2002)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
tesandco Founding member
No, the site hasnt died, its just Ive been spending a few weeks on a big update, and hence havent gotten round to starting a thread for it.

Anyway, Im assuming everyone knows what the site is from the old ikonboard thread - namely presentation, news, Watership Down etc, so I'll just say whats new in this update.

Revision 5 New Stuff
17 new ones, including a section on Tyne Tees only ads

2 TTTV Break bumpers from 1998
A lesser-seen TTTV/YTV ident featuring the 'Eastern Cinema'
Load of Channel 5 2002 stuff
Strange Channel 4 2002 kids ident
BBC1 - the one(full 90 second promo)
...& a load of other stuff

Home and Away 2002 in widescreen
Doctors 2001 & 2002
Emmerdale 1997

One for a comedy programme, and the other for Look North

Channel 5 2002
LDN 2002 - HeHe! Useful having Digital!

That took some effort... and that was the brief rundown!(basically theres 45 files in total)

Theres also now a status window on the homepage, as the hosts have been going down alot recently, and a search thing. These are both ran off an incredibly slow host at the moment, but I hope to have that changed in a few weeks time!

One small problem - if pages don't load, we don't see the status thingy, so it'll always say they're working! You might as well just put it for files (each host, if you still use more than one!) and the forum - and you forgot to do it for the guestbook.
tesandco Founding member
I'd already thought of that slight problem, but I may be changing the hosts within a week or so, eliminating the problem. (perhaps putting the index somewhere different to all the other pages). That and the search still need a bit tweaking.
tesandco Founding member
Well, still on the same host, but there has been an update. 4 new files. 2 showing the opening and full closing sequences to Home and Away in 1997. An audio file for Pokemon Series 4, and the opening sequence to the first series of Watership Down.
tesandco Founding member
Well isnt this rich. Lycos now has decided that the site violates their terms and conditions (Probably its an excuse for when a site uses too much bandwidth from their Unlimited Bandwidth but never mind). Basically it means the updates above are all offline. I will not be beaten by them however, and will have the site fully online again as soon as possible, however we're talking weeks rather than days here!

9 days later

tesandco Founding member
Well its all fixed, so all of the files are online again. Just how long it'll last, I dont know. Everything runs through my own download system, which preliminarily appears to be working, but asnt been fully tested yet, so there may be some problems. Fingers crossed!!
tesandco Founding member
Revision 5.2

In this update, I've given the site its 'Jubilee' look. as for new stuff, theres the Neighbours opening credits from 1995, and a page devoted to the BBCi Digital Terrestrial test transmissions over the last few weeks.
tesandco Founding member
Revision 5.2.... still

More updates for this weekend. Yesterday there was some more BBCi tests added to the World Cup DTT test page, and today the ITV1 Jubilee ident has been added. Of course, I had to correct the messed up ratio that Granada cant seem to handle!

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