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An Offer to any webmaster

(July 2001)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
OK, its not even been a week since I opened my website but I've decided that I'm going to close it, basically because all I can offer is spoof pics - nothing else. That, in my opinion, isn't enough to make someone come back. I've come up with a solution though - I'm willing to/would like to donate my pics to any other TV Webmaster who is interested in presenting them as part of his/her website. I'll provide you with more spoof clips (as soon as I get more ideas) so that you can regularly update the section.

Anyone interested? If so, get in touch with me, either here or through the messenger if you want it to be private.

ok, i guess people aren't as interested as I thought they would be Sad - oh well, the offer still stands...
Sub Zero
lol! I would if I had the time.
Maybe you should put this in GENERAL CHAT and let people see it there, or put this page URL ( into your sig.
Not many people come onto this chat area

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