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(April 2001)

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Nick D
We all know that BBC 1 + 2 have no breaks in the programme. This can be very annoying through a film when you're dying for a pee, however do you think BBC will change that when BBC 3+ 4 come along.
And does anyone know the date for them?
Billy Hicks
No,because the disadvantage of adverts is you have nothing to do while they are on! Smile
Nick D
Martin Founding member
I dont mind BBC trailers if thats what you mean but having breaks in between programmes can be anoying especially when you are recoring the programme and youve got to stop and start all the time
Asa Admin
Your never going to have BBC programmes interrupted by trailers because that's what is appealing about the BBC - the fact programmes aren't interrupted! They'd be a mass of people complaining about the licence fee if that was the case.

Isonstine Founding member
That is one thing that I have always liked about the BBC. You can sit down and watch a film without being interupted every 20 minutes by an add for DFS!

That's what we pay the licence fee for! News just doesn't look good if you have to have a commercial break. I remember Central News used to used End of Part One and Part Two captions which made it feel like an episode of Coronation Street.
But I digress

No AD's thats the way it should be! Its the way the BBC will always be.
And that little Rat Declan Swan

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