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(April 2001)

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Isonstine Founding member
I think the Carlton logo's are good, imaginative (better than the normal ITV generic ones) but its a shame that the Central brand went. It didn't have to!

Talking of Central, Central News West is AWFUL. Honestly, they got a superb look in 1997 with big desk, big studio and fantastic titles. They would still look good today and they should bring them back, but instead the best they could come up with was a spinning star! Very impressive!

Anglia News also has a permanant on screen dog (as does Anglia Sport)
I think it was a UN&M thing (now a GMG thing of course)
Square Eyes Founding member
I wonder if you'll get the Calendar style thunderclaps on the new Granada Tonight ?
It going to be called 'Granada Reports' like the good old days, not Tonight!
I thought they had stalled at the last moment, and stuck with Tonight, clearly not. And the continuity announcer said tonight, 'And now Granada Repo..[cut]'
*cue cheesy Granada Tonight music.
Square Eyes Founding member
Calendars last revamp (Sep 2000) was certainly a lot better than the previous look, which was starting to look a bit stale. I actually preferred Calendar when it was in the live newsroom several years ago, pre Mike Morris, and the late bulletin was from a small studio towering above the newsroom.
Big Phil
Yes, I heard Granada Tonight introduced as Granada Reports as well. Very retro!

I think they'll go for a circle theme, or at least involve circles in the design, because I think that both Yorkshire and Tyne Tees have these. Then again, what do I know?

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