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This morning's Carlton start-up

(June 2001)

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So after GMTV have said 'See you tomorrow, 6.00-9.25', they fade to black, and the opening ident plays.

Unfortunately, GMTV's caption stayed on screen for an extra 10 seconds in the London region, faded to black and literally went off-air. We then saw lots of pink snow. Every five seconds or so, the snow faded to black as though something would happen, but it reappeared.

Eventually at 9:27, we joined Trisha after it had started. I think Carlton were taking their feed from someone else, because in the first ad break, the advert changed halfway through the first one, and the break overrun by a few seconds.
Oh hell! Waht a bunch of dummies Carlton has in Technical Support! LOL

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Didn't see it allthough try to escape Carlton & Trish in the weekdays both crap.
johnny posted:
Didn't see it.
As you can see from my sig, neither did I.

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