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(July 2001)

Gary Founding member
Can anyone rember the famous tv programme Doctor Who? I'm asking because I remember watching it when I was young, and I noticed on the BBC's Points of View website that they had a poll, with well over a thousand messages saying that they would love to see it return.

I just wondered if anyone here felt the same , and if there are any members who are fans of the show?
Gavin Scott Founding member Central Reporting Scotland
as someone comparitively ancient,  i find it really weird to hear someone ask if people remember Dr Who!  i grew up in the show's heyday when it was unmissable prime-time entertainment (when 7pm was prime-time).

the sound and visual fx were 'oooh' and 'ahhh' inspiring, and the weird and new-sounding music was exciting and surprising.  listenening to it now it sounds like, doctor who!  the sound and look was unique then and remains kind of sci-fi classic now.

by the time it ended though, it looked shaky and cheap.  unfortunately, if the bbc had spent all the money it would have needed to to keep it looking slick, they couldnt have afforded to make anything else.  by comparrison the excellent star trek: the next generation in 1987 were spending $1.5M per episode, and every cent was up there on the screen.  you can almost see why the bbc stopped in their tracks.

the only way to make a good revival now would be to get some american money involved.  they tried that with the usa mccgann tv movie in 1996 (wasnt it?) and although the production went down surprisingly well here, the americans didnt like it.

shame, i still miss it.

ps: tom baker was the doctor.

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Remember it!!! Yeah key in the words Doctor Who in any search engine and it will give you loads of sites from the very serious to the very funny
(Especially the Atlantean Fish Forum at Atlantean Fish Forum
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
shame, i still miss it.

ps: tom baker was the doctor.

Won't argue with you on those points! And you're completely right about the production aspects and how they couldn't compete now. (BBC Micro graphics -- I ask you!)

As I understand the situation, the BBC do want to bring back a screen version of DW, though they won't do this without it being a co-production to help offset the costs. Apparently, though, the BBC also wants certain conditions regarding the rights to the series that it would seem no partner would agree to.

Anyway, I still have the occasional twinge of fear and disgust when I think of the Jagaroth!
One of the greatest programmes ever...

The key to Doctor Who is it didn't need to have huge amounts of money thrown at it. It didn't rely on flashy special effects, but instead relied on compelling storytelling. Its 'homely' feel is probably why it appeals to me so much.

I grew up with Peter Davison as the Doctor in the early 80s, although having watched UK Gold repeats I agree that Tom Baker is the best! The series went downhill during the Colin Baker days, but was just getting better in the late 80s when it was scheduled against Coronation Street, giving the BBC the reason for axing it due to falling ratings.

The 1996 film was a total disaster. It just wasn't true Doctor Who at all - it was too Americanised, and was all special effects and no story.

If it were to come back, it just wouldn't be the same. I fear there would too much pressure to make it 'look good', but lacking any substance beneath the surface - rather like all the ultra-boring American sci-fi series like the endless Star Trek Next Generations etc.
BillyH Founding member London London
RW posted:
The 1996 film was a total disaster.  It just wasn't true Doctor Who at all - it was too Americanised, and was all special effects and no story.

At last,someone who agrees!!Smile

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