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New Granada logo

(September 2001)

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Gareth Founding member
I suppose we'll find out tomorrow!!
Andrew Founding member
I expect the new ident will probably be in 4:3 because of the way they do things in Leeds.

If it was widescreen, the YTV ident would probably end up mistakingly stretched wide, or the Granada one squashed to 4:3 etc.

Also, if Granada was to drop the Hearts idents, YTV, Tyne Tees and Border would have to do as well.
When the announcements are generic across all 4 regions, the musical part of the ident needs to be the same length. I think this is why 'Long' versions of idents are used to a minimum.

Theres a thought, will the new Granada ident be seen most of the time as a short version, where the announcer talks right from the beginning, It looks quite likely...?
james2001 Founding member
I heard a rumour all GMG regions were getting new idents.
If that's true, and it happened today, they'll have already appeared. I'm gonna check the GMG regions' websites, but if you have captured any new logos, please post images and rms. Thanks!
Tyne Tees, YTV, LWT and Border's sites are all unchanged, and Granada doesn't use the channel identity on theirs, so there's no point checking it.
Square Eyes Founding member
Yorkshire idents are the same. Did a new Granada ident pop up or not ?
Check on local progs then! The first one of the day started just 3 minutes ago! You must've only seen generic ones - or did LiveLunch start early?
Square Eyes Founding member
YTV ident used before Live Lunch was the same as usual.
Anyone know what Granada used before Lunchtime Live?
tim g
Regular old itv1 heart ident, I'm afraid...

However, on the same sort of subject, there was a brief report within Granada's Lunchtime edition - and THERE'S A DESK!

All I thought about what I've seen so far is a kind of cross between Calendar and Tyne Tees' 'spots' theme...
BillyH Founding member
Lester posted:
For those who can't be arsed to wait here is the new logo -
Where'd you find it?

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