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Best ITV1 station.

(December 2001)

James Martin
Which ITV1 region in your opinion is doing their job the best? As only 10 options can be done on this forum, the channels have been grouped together by ownership.

'Carlton' means Central, London Weekdays and Westcountry.
Katherine Founding member
Why is there never a 'don't know' option in these things?
Because once you've voted 'Don't Know', you cannot make your mind up and decide to vote for an option.

It's so you don't waste your vote.
Mich Founding member
Delenn posted:
Because once you've voted 'Don't Know', you cannot make your mind up and decide to vote for an option.

It's so you don't waste your vote.

That makes no sense, if you are voting 'Don't Know', then you aren't wasting your vote because you aren't going to decide on one anyway. Although you have to wonder on TV programmes when there is an option 'Don't Care' and people call in and spend 50p voting for it.
tvtwintrees Founding member
I chose carlton - even though I live in the Anglia region. I chose it because I like their presentation Smile
LWT are doing a lot better IMO... scrap Carlton and make LWT London Weekday Television (like Mr Videowall suggested somewhere else on the forum). Wink
InTune Founding member
I would like to vote for `Meridian` -
I`ve always liked this station, its the best ITV station, but not as good as when it started in 1993.
Nice, local and friendly.
Sam Davis
I agree InTune, I've seen other regions and their sense of community spirit is so lacking.

Meridian seem to be one of the only stations to use their own name, they play numerous 'Spirit of the South' ad-bumpers, they display the logo with pride (during the news, for example). Anyway, we've got Fred Dineage, that says it all - superb!
Katherine Founding member
When I've enjoyed all the regions c/o Sky Digital and got to know them a bit better, I might be able to provide a more concrete answer in a few months....that is if my digibox behaves itself!
Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
Asa, can't you add more options to the polls as there is never enough room for all the regions.

I mean, even HTV Wales is totally different to HTV West (wales is much better!) and is even more different to Carlton!
If you'd asked me about five years ago, I would have said Central - mostly because it was (well, still is) my home region. I've seen most of the other regions on holiday apart from London over the years.

Even now, I've got to be honest and say Carlton. I like the presentation - it's probably the most professional of all the stations in the ITV network, and whilst they have sort of killed a bit of the regional feel of my local ITV, I think from what people have been saying on here this is more just a general trend of the ITV Network (especially in England) than Carlton in particular.

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