JAS84 posted:

Both of them, as well as Granada's, should probably have been renamed a few years ago, since the local ITV channel names are no longer used anywhere else. They did change HTV's.

If you live in Manchester you know 'Granada' means North West as much as North West Tonight does. Same goes with Central.

These programmes are already underfunded and usually beaten by their BBC counterparts. Why should they get rid of one of the few things in their favour?

I guess a reason HTV was got rid of as a name is that 'ITV HTV News' sounds a bit silly, also national identity is much stronger than regional.

I don't think it'd be that silly to have it still called 'HTV News'. If they re-arranged the logo/titles to something like "HTV News" with a small "from ITV" or "from ITV News" underneath, it'd look alright.

It would sound better than the mouthful that is "The West Country Tonight" ! I wish when ITV West & ITV Westcountry merged, they created the new programme in the same style as Lookaround/North East Tonight - keep the same "The West Tonight" and "Westcountry Live" names, but obviously not refer to it after 18:15.

On the programme at the moment they don't seem to mention "The West Country Tonight" too much. Just before 18:15, it always seems to be "You're watching ITV 1 in the West, a reminder now of our main headlines this evening..." - sounds better than mentioning "The West Country Tonight" in my eyes!