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(November 2011)

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itsrobert Founding member
This has to be considered a top TV theme as well:

Look at the hair on Eve Ferret!! Shocked

My all-time favourite BBC News theme:

I really miss that Virtual Era Sad
I think this deserves posting as an excellent remix of many of the themes of the era...

A former member
Ah give us a clue was done by Alan Braden, I believe Thames music director at the time, un- Surprisingly there was a good number of Music directors at many ITV companies that created pieces: Such as John patrick who was ATV/Central guy and created Original Celb squares and of course Bullseye, alas he does not seem to care about his past job,.

I do really love this version of the theme

for news its this nice piece:

But to prove I don't dis-like new music......................
Another Simon May classic!

And here's the full length version:

I am able to offer Holiday 86, Always There / Barracuda and Eldorado / When You Go Away on MP3 to interested parties -- please PM me or check my Metropol Uploads.
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This has to be considered a top TV theme as well:

Totally going off topic, but I can't help thinking of these quotes from ISIHAC when seeing Give us a Clue.

"Let's move on to Sound Charades. Listeners may not be aware that this was developed from the old TV show called Give Us A Clue, where the teams mimed titles of films or books against a strict time limit. Possibly the most versatile performer was Lionel Blair, and no one will ever forget the occasion he was given A Town Like Alice, when he chose to do a silent impression of the author. Such was the performance, Una Stubbs gasped in amazement when she saw Neville Shute in Lionel's face..."
itsrobert Founding member
Of course! Who could forget waking up to such epicness?! The current Breakfast theme pales in comparison to this:

A former member
SOMEONE HAD TO DO THIS! Embarassed Embarassed Razz

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World in Action


Originally, Give Us A Clue had the same theme tune as Grange Hill, albeit a somewhat different arrangement.
The Pyramid Game.
I don't even remember this when it was first broadcast. I have YouTube to thank for being able to hear this for the first time a few months ago. It's only a shame it is so short. It also makes you realise how meh the Donny Osmond era theme tune is.

Reminds me a little of this too, even though now I have heard them side by side on the same page, they sound nothing alike.

Also, I'll take any excuse to post Libby Roberts Dancers - All Night Holiday 1986 as it makes me happy.
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