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James H is packing it away (May 2003)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Mark Boulton
Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

I was very sad to see that James Hudson is closing ITVSCHOOLS.CO.UK and won't be realising its planned successor, SCHOOLSTV.COM.

This is a great shame, as it is a great site and I was looking forward to his planned updates. I think somebody ought to allow his site to merge with theirs - perhaps sub-tv, t|v|a or somebody like that.

I would do it myself but until I move in a month or two's time my own PC is mothballed as is my own internet connection, software setup that I'm used to, etc. etc.
moss Founding member
I wouldn't worry - it looks like it'll return...
Asa Admin
Quite a hefty amount of money has been paid! Surely the files can be kept online though - even under free ISP webspace? And the domain name could be redirected there too. It would at least allow a few of the major clips to remain with a "we'll hopefully be back" message?
I hope it doesnt close - it's a fascinating resource of the excellent music used in the intervals!

I hope sub tv or tv-ark can take the brilliant clips on.
I doubt TV Ark will take the clips on as James has all the material; if he's given up the site due to other commitments it's clear he won't have time to send them on.

However, TV Ark will continue to cater for Schools fans. Just added is a rare Westward opt-out from 1978 plus another Picture Roll from 1980. Fans of Look and Read will also be pleased to see titles for Dark Towers and Badger Girl. So for all your Schools nostalgia - it must be TV Ark!
cwathen Founding member
James Hudson actually spent money to get master copies of most of his clips IIRC, and even has official rights to stick them on his website. This isn't a standard recorded from the TV website. It's a shame if it goes.
A former member
I only found out about the site several days ago. I was disappointed to find it had closed, although I understand James' reasons. I am led to believe it was a great site and I have missed the opportunity to see it. I hope someone can take it on until James has the time to come back to it. I dare say there was some great items to see. Sad
A former member
Hi Folks,
Thanks for the comments. Haven't been in the forum for a while.

I'm trying to work on a solution. Might put the site online on Monday (26th May). My server space appears to be valid until July. So I'll try and keep going until then.

Nice to see support!!


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