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(August 2010)

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Bail Moderator
Just a short reminder, naming no names for now, but there are a few users who are treating the upload service as if it is their own personal webspace.

The Upload Service is a service for TV Forum and Metropol users to upload screenshots, themetunes, video clips and what not to augment their posts.

It is not to be used to upload pictures of Elliot Tittensor in underwear, saved game data split into RAR files, Christmas Card designs, personal photographs or CVs (all of which have been uploaded recently).

It is part of the terms and conditions of using the uploader that you do not use it for this purpose and it is part of the terms and conditions of our hosting account that we do not try and emulate rapidshare.

If you have things to upload, use commercial services such as yousendit, or photobucket, or get your own website (we recommend Dreamhost*)

Please do not abuse the service.

And don't try getting around it by uploading tons and deleting it shortly afterwards because we can tell if you have done that too. Suffice to say it's actually *very* clever the back end administrative functions are considerably more powerful that you probably expect.

Thanks Pete
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46 days later

Hello all. Hopefully Bail doesn't mind me adding to this thread with a general update to the service:

Horrible patches of black were appearing on the thumbnails of images featuring transparency. This is now sorted for all new uploads as I finally fixed it.
A former member
I am one of the people this is aimed at, i will admit to it and want to say sorry for treating the service in a bad way.

142 days later

Pete Founding member
just a very quick note to uploader types,

1 - I've *finally* fixed the bug where the "file manager" link didn't work correctly. Sput insists this was my fault but he is clearly incorrect.
2 - if anyone is feeling particularly generous and wishes to send a quid or so in the direction of the metro (and therefore uploader) hosting bill there is a link to the paypal donatey gizmo now. Not that I expect anyone to donate but I felt another button would be nice.
I'd just like to say thanks for the upload service, it's a much easier and better way of sharing files on here than commercial places like Rapidshare with their 40 sec download limit and slowed-down download speeds on free, which most people use just to share one or two files. It's a very useful service to have, I (and I presume many others on here) appreciate it a lot.
Pete Founding member
Thanks Phil, it's nice to know our work is appreciated. I suspect some people on here might think its just a mod for phpBB we downloaded but it's actually a stand alone application Sput and I wrote ourselves (well mostly Sput tbh, I just made the front end pretty).

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