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I'll have to find something else to watch as I'm not watching anything involving Cowell!

I'll have to find something else to watch as I'm not watching anything involving Cowell!

I take it your not a fan of Mr Cowell then? Laughing

His actually my favourite judge - ok he has the so called "Mr Nasty" persona. But most of the time, he says it how it is.

I also think his quite clever - take last year for example - Jedward were obviously crap, but Simon & the other producers knew that it would bring great publicity for the show and most importantly make great, fun, talked about TV. I don't really see another programme on the same scale of hype/ publicty & ratings of teh X Factor.

Whilst some people are saying the formats getting a bit tired now; I think Simon is actaully clever enough to ( in the last few series at least) make at least one change every year to keep the show fresh and one or two major changes every other year.
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I am looking forward to the changes this year, it seems that the production team are taking notice of what people want, mainly regarding the ditching of sob stories/over used songs. I hope they also come up with something clever to take on another ridiculous 'rage' attempt.

People have mentioned that The X Factor is coming to the end of its life, and needs something new to take its place. Unless something particularly amazing and ground-breaking comes along, I'm not sure anything else can take its place. Every other talent show out there at the moment just seems to be a poor imitation of The X Factor, if only replacing singers with dancers.

Unless these 'rage' attempts completely wash out this year's contest (especially now with the weekly track releases), I can see the public's appetite for this show lasting for a few more years yet.