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5 days and counting! (May 2003)

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Well if anyone has some magic solution to uploading 10mb of files in a few minutes on a 56k, then I'd love to hear from them. Razz

I just need to remember the password I used for Newspro when I set it up back in March, then I'll be OK.

It looks like I'm gonna have to re-install it though.
Newspro's neat, i'm sure you can get a password reminder mod for it
martinDTanderson posted:
Newspro's neat, i'm sure you can get a password reminder mod for it

Newspro probably encrypts the password in the database, so finding out what it is would be practically impossible. You might be able to write a script to replace the password in the database with another one that you know, so you can login.

19 days later

In a night-time ramble, I see a new front page.
I'm liking the picture at the top -- very much like Three Cliffs bay in the Gower [though I know it's not].

Looking forward to the photography that's promised.
I haven't been to Pembs since 1999, tut, I've had a car for over 2 years.

So long as there are no photos straying over the county border, that place is of course banned.

Cornwall and SW Wales are the nicest parts of the UK in my opinion.

309 days later

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Nice to see that threads still exist on here for over a year.

Anyway, just some info regarding DV. It has been online since October, but I haven't updated it since Christmas because I've been busy with other stuff, but I'm in the process of relaunching it within the next couple of weeks (as I have quite a bit of time on my hands during the Easter break).

Also, I've re-registered (I'm surprised no-one here beat me too it, it's been available for ages!), and that will be online in the summer. I've got a couple of video mocks to produce and edit which shall take place in the summer, so they'll be online in the early autumn, around September time.

It's about time I did something with all these pictures and MP3's that have amassed on my PC over the last 5 years. hehehe.

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