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BBC iPlayer v3

launched in Beta (May 2010)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
^ Ah I see. I guess that makes sense since Corrie is one of the most searched for programmes on iPlayer! Very Happy
DVB Cornwall
When you think of it, it's just an update of the listings magazine, but for the technolgical age. I suspect some common database will be established of metadata and links and this used to feed the relevant sections of linked players. Expect confirmation from ITV player, 4oD and Demand Five soon of similar links on their players.

The key difference from Kangaroo being that content won't be shared even virtually, so each product acts as publisher and printer (in print terminology), whereas Kangaroo envisaged content sharing and publishing on each other's sites.

Even so BSkyB are angered by this new ever so helpful feature.
Some real delays in getting the iPlayer content on today. Daily Politics still isn't on from today, after being broadcast this morning, nearly 12 hours ago.

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