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Government confirms local news schemes scrapped

(June 2010)

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ITV local news pilot schemes scrapped

A pilot scheme to provide a replacement news service for ITV Wales is to be scrapped, the UK culture secretary says.

The previous UK government had chosen a provider for local news in Wales after ITV said it had become too expensive to produce.

But Jeremy Hunt said that it would be "inappropriate" to spend scarce public money propping up expensive regional news services.

Cash will go to superfast broadband.

Other options are to now be considered regarding the local news service for ITV Wales, as well as the pilots due to run in Scotland and the Tyne Tees/Border region.

The investment bank Lazard has been asked to look at the potential for commercially viable local TV stations in the UK nations and regions.


Not surprised, though diverting cash they haven't got to broadband is hardly going to help balance the books either.

It all comes down to legislation really - ITV should be (and currently are) obliged to provide regional news whether it makes a profit or not. Trouble is the Tories would rather see OFCOM axed than see them implement the rules they were set up to enforce.

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