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Coverage of the now-defunct Sky News Ireland and ITV News Channel from 2004 is now online, as well as coverage of the original presentation from BBC Four

Hi can you upload a clip of sky news ireland?

That section was not done by me, it was done by Dragon Archive who is a member of my team at TV Live... I'm sure he'll upload a clip when he gets round to it.
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T'was a surprise to see a well maintained and full Channel Islands BBC section, a region that often gets overlooked. Most websites like TV-Ark seem to think that the opt only began when the region became available on Sky, but the Fremont point analogue only opt had been going for a lot longer before that, and you've even got some screenshots from that era. Great stuff.

Don't suppose you've got some clips too?

It's incomplete however, I'm afraid -- doesn't include the map titles at the start of the report..

Hi can you upload a clip of sky news ireland?

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