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(July 2009)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
A former member

Can anyone tell me what happened to the website?

The reason I ask is it has video clips I would like to see again, and via internet achieve it was not collected
rob Founding member
Well, the site has been closed for a good couple of years now.

I think the team behind the site now work on the Ultimate LWT website. I'm not sure.
A former member
so the context is all gone?

there was clip that was on youtube:

Jim Symon
early 1980s

but is not there anymore ( just like tommy cooper irn bru ) and its not the achieve
The TV Room
Virtually all of The Continuity Booth's written content moved across to The TV Room Plus in 2006. The material was incorporated into TV Announcers, TV Presenters, TV Buildings and TV Features.

Many of the images and video clips on TCB were created a number of years back, when PC hardware and software wasn't as advanced as it is now. Website hosting costs were also higher, so keeping image and video file sizes down was important. Consequently, many of the announcer/presenter images featured on TCB were very small; this was also the case for video clips. The best solution would've been to regrab the images/clips from the original video, at larger resolutions.

Unfortunately, neither I nor the TCB webmaster are yet in a position to bring the visuals back online. It may happen at some point, but at the moment, there's no timeframe for this.

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