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a new stage in copyrighted video publishing? (March 2009)

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Put The Telly On
Anyone had much experience with this?

Basically I've noticed, thanks to this 'metadata' idea, some of the videos uploaded to YouTube are now in turn, making profit for the producer via the publisher (i.e YouTube). The user who uploaded the content...gets..diddly squit clearly (unless of course they are the producer), but the videos get listed on that website and benefits the uploader however by not having their copyrighted videos blocked by YouTube etc.

I've probably explained it in the most complex way possible but it looks like an interesting format.

This idea was set up by the son of tabloid guru, Kelvin MacKenzie (who is chairman) with the assistance of reality TV mogul, Peter Bazalgette on the board.

9 days later

Somebody was bound to do this. MCPS and PRS have had deals with YouTube too, but the PRS one fell through last week I think.

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