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TV Newsroom - Now in XHTML Flavour!

(October 2008)

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Message copied from Johnnie Larkin's words...

The TV Newsroom launches tonight with a new coded site.

We’ve spend the best part of the summer converting the site from HTML/Tables to CSS. We’ve also installed a CMS (Content Management System) powered by Wordpress.

TV Newsroom has been working with wordpress for a few years now, it’s the main software behind our blogging system. The current setup of the site means we can create a page within minutes of capping the latest images/videos.

We’ve added some new features too. On the left you’ll see a search box, which search our site via google. We’ve added a site updates feed at the bottom of the index page, which is updated automatically. Ident and promo pages have embedded flash videos, so you’ll no longer need to leave the page you’re viewing. Also a comments section added to news articles.

The ITV Regions Idents and Graphics pages are launching tonight. The presenters and reporters pages will be completed in a few weeks, as will the news events section..

In recent days the site as been averaging almost 2 thousand unique hits a day. It is very important to us that we supply a easy to read and easy to use website. If anyone has any problems with the site they can leave a comment on this article, email us at, or use the TV Newsroom thread on the forum

Thanks for your support and welcome to TV Newsroom version 3.
Sorry to move this down by posting in the other thread....

Looks nice, the updates certainly sound comprehensive.

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