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itsrobert posted:
Jugalug posted:
itsrobert posted:
archiveTV posted:
Steve in Pudsey posted:
The overnight service came from N8 on at least one night this week - I think it was Wednesday when I saw it.


You must have been hallucinating

I'm almost certain Steve is right. I was up late on Wednesday night and recall seeing Alastair Yates in N8, too. I know it was Wednesday night because when I was watching the 0100 bulletin, I realised it was in fact Thursday and it was my birthday!

Happy Birthday for the other day.

Are you certain you're right though? Remember archivetv provided us with those lovely N8 pictures while it was out of use.

Thanks Jugalug. I remember reading on here on Monday that the overnight service was due to be coming from N9 all this week and when I saw N8 on Thursday at 0100, it crossed my mind that they must have finished whatever they were doing in there. It's the only overnight bulletin I've seen this week. Of course, I could have been almost asleep and got myself confused but I'm about 80% sure it was N8.

I can assure you it wasn't. The first overnight from N8 is scheduled to be Tuesday morning.
Fair enough, I'm inclined to believe you TBH! Just wondered because archiveTV is often very reliable. Smile
StuartPlymouth posted:
denton posted:
...and where are the morning and afternoon summaries, and the 8pm headlines on BBC 1 coming from?

The CSO studio used for BBCi, I think.

I was wondering if it had a name though? (as in N something or TC something)
I believe in the bookings system it's referred to as N10.
Ian of old
This means for the last week, News 24 / (NC) has for the first (and only?) time been regularly coming from four studios for 24 hours' live output. ( N6 mainly, N9 overnight, TC7 at 6, and N8 at 21:30).

Hmmm, that's much less interesting than it sounded in my head.
Steve in Pudsey
It's certainly happened before - when it was News 24 based in N8 they used to have Breakfast from TC7, simulcasts of new bulletins from N6 and overnights from N9.
Wasn't Breakfast was in * N6* until the preps for N24 to move there started? And weren't overnights in N8 until the same?
Steve in Pudsey
Yes. But before it moved to N6 it was in TC7.
NickyS Founding member
deejay posted:
I believe in the bookings system it's referred to as N10.

Well the gallery it works through is called N10 - used for daytime BBC One summaries and all the 60seconds bulletins on BBC Three. The studio itself has another name as it's used without the gallery for pre-rec's etc

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