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The premiere date has been revealed and Celebrity Hijack will begin with a 90-minute live launch show simulcast on C4 and E4 on Thursday 3rd January, before airing nightly at 9pm on E4.

Dermot will front the evictions and his final series of BBLB, weeknights at 7.30pm, while James Corden and Matthew Horne host the accompanying series of Big Mouth.

The series is expected to run for three weeks.
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More details have been announced - most notably evictions are moving from Fridays.

They'll air on Sundays and Thursdays instead, while the live task makes a return on Monday nights - testing the housemates "gifted" abilities.

Also confirmed there will be 12 housemates - plus on the C4 website there are some images of Dermot making the promo - looks like the show will be hijacked by E4's new font too!
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djmgpsp posted:
Hope to God that evictions in BB9 move to a Sunday, that means i'll be in to watch them! Does C4 not realise no-one is in on a Friday night???

Ratings are lower on a Sunday than on a Friday believe it or not. Also, the contract with the council states that they can only have 22 events per year, 5 of which do not have to be on the Friday but the rest do. So I think it is conclusive that they won't move evictions and if they do, it won't be until after 2010.
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nok32uk posted:
It appears the theme tune's had a slight orchestral revamp -well according to the trailer.

I doubt it'll affect the main show as the short stings have the more familiar version.

Hope so though - about time the theme tune was completely reworked - and the last E4 series (BB Panto) had it's own variation of the theme.