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(March 2007)

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Freeview posted:
When's this coming then? i thought once BB started it would have launched...?
I thought it would have started when Skins came along!

This is getting like the ITV2 website relaunch a few years ago. I think we waited about a year before it relaunched with three pages of information and a p!ss poor "Brick" game.
Adam l uk
"A shiny new E4 website is just around the corner .... ", they must be turning a massive corner. It better be worth the wait.

Adam l uk
they must have given up on it

just contains links to 2 programmes and tv listings
I expect they haven't given up on it - more they just put this up temporarily....

Unless this is it. Laughing
Shockingly, there is absolutely no indication of this being a temporary site. And the channel thing at the bottom of the C4 site now directs to this. Uh oh.

EDIT: Weirdly on this empty website there is a copy of the Big Brother press statement regarding the woman who was ejected from the house. Under subcategory: Solutions! Smile

196 days later

And now, six months later.... has arrived!

Look at us with our fancy new website

In 1975 E4 invented the internet. We just didn't bother telling anybody. Years later - and after everyone else had a pop at this web malarky - we returned in 2007 with a sparkly new online home that was much, much funner than every other website in the world.

After a hefty brainstorm that cost us two weeks, one billion dollars and the lives of two sacrificial swans, we decided to call it

Channel 4 seem to have suddenly remembered E4 exists this month. Great job they're doing.
Looks very nice I must say! Good job C4.
It is nice but still the ghost of the very first Flash-run still haunts my memories fondly.
Looks really nice. Very Happy I was wondering the other day when was going to relaunch as they have been talking about it for about a year!
Looking good - though it still annoys me how every site now wants to be YouTube or MySpace.

I wonder if the Big Brother site will be on "" for Celebrity Hijack - and if so will it get an E4 style makeover?

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