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(May 2007)

BBCWalesToday Wales Today
The BBC News website now has a ticker where the usual blue ticker is, a scrolling live bar, and election results to the right hand side.
* The LIVE is now scrolling
Really? Well that's interesting, I'm guessing there must be an election on somewhere's a shame we haven't been told about it, I might have popped along to the local school and voted...

Rolling Eyes
rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
... or I might have popped into the thread that's on the same page as this thread. Rolling Eyes
BBCwalestoday posted:

* The LIVE is now scrolling was scrolling from...oh...11:35pm last night when the programme began...and not 8.15am when you edited your post.
the eye World News
dont be such a smart c***
Michael Or the imbecile that thought it was necessary to post an entire homepage 8 hours after everyone else had noticed?
BBCWalesToday Wales Today
Rolling Eyes Ok, there no need to start personal attacks here, sometimes people whom are new to the forum make mistakes, there is no need to imply they are deranged and dim-witted.
I checked the BBC.CO.UK Thread and did not see anything at the time.
Gee whiz. Rolling Eyes

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