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(March 2007)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Hi -

Hope it's OK to self promote in this thread - glancing down the list of posts it seems so.... Just to let you know, I am running a site

which brings together insider news and interesting word of mouth discussion about Satellite TV Talk from around the web. It updates with new articles 4 or 5 times a day - with bitesize chunks of info, and links to the conversations referenced...

Any feedback would be great - as we're aiming to make this site the first port of call for anyone interested in their satellite tv Smile

many thanks

Jack Satellite TV Talk

oh - and if anyone would like to link their site to ours, drop me n email on
Janner south west
I'm liking this site from fisrt glances! Smile
Thanks Janner - glad you like it...

Hopefully you'll like it from second glances too now as I've just put a Jimmy Saville video up -

superb - the joys of the internet eh
Seems perfect for the DS audience.

8 days later

Thanks - DS is obviously a big part of what we do... Although we always include conversation from all the forums... Can't have DS stealing all the glory Very Happy

This forums absolutely top drawer for instance Wink and we try to include conversation from here as much as we can!
Looks like a very good site - I've added it to my Favourites. Smile Even though I'm on cable TV and not Sky, there's still lots on there that would interest me. Smile
satellitetvtalk posted:
Thanks - DS is obviously a big part of what we do...

Not sure I'd be so chuffed if someone said that to me Wink

As for the site...

It looks pretty good content wise, very interesting. I think the design needs a rethink though; the rainbow effect for example is a bit naff. I like the site though, well done.
fair point with the rainbow - I may have a rethink... Thanks for all the positive comments though!

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