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with Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera (September 2006)

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The Today show is being re-launched tomorrow to conincide with the debut of a new or partly new anchor team. I believe there are new graphics and a set that may surprise some of us Smile
You forgot to mention it's going to be filmed in HD. Razz Looking forward to it, saw clips of the new HD Transmission gallery.
You can see the first hour of each morning's programme here from 4pm UK time.
When I was walking by the studio, I noticed an increase in White onset?
The new set certainly fits the British description of modern! I was very impressed with how its all turned out and looks on screen. There's more glass and white color used. The desk is retro. Dont have any caps, but here's the first five minutes from

A New Today
Loving their major countdown over the last few weeks, nice to see it reflected in the video too at the start! Used to love watching the Today show in the afternoons on NBC Europe.
Hatton Cross
Just watching the opening proves just how many many millions of millions of miles GMTV is away from being a proper breakfast show.

GMTV should be trying very hard to become a credible British version of Today. At the moment - it's looking like a cheap parody of it.
GMTV just stay with the same style. A studio like that would be really nice for gmtv but they just stay with the same old style, sofa desk screen newsdesk...
The graphics weren't exactly fantastic, but it was "OK". I love that studio though.
I think GMA launched new graphics recently. Better than what they had previously, but still crap. I like the today set. Very nice.
rdd Founding member
I see they have kept "The Mission" as the theme tune - wasn't there some talk they would be dispensing with it.

Today was actually show on Sky News very early on (although only half hour segments of it) - NBC Super Channel also showed it for a bit in the mid-1990s.
mark Founding member
If you haven't seen it yet....,6841.0.html

Personally, I reckon it looks quite good - but perhaps a bit too sterile for breakfast, what with all the white. Good Morning America has a warmer - but still modern - look.

Also, the 3D straps look a bit daft in widescreen.

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