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Sir Trevor McDonald retires from ITN

"And that's the way it looks tonight..." (December 2005)

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dave h posted:
A nice ending to tonights news at 10:30.
I will miss Trevor
Trevor did look emotional and slipped out quietly.
Mark has got big shoes to fill. as mary said " how do you replace a legend"

Itv Yorkshire presenter michelle gee said for the last time lets hand you back to sir trevor

news at ten theme played out nice touch

Ok you must have pretyped that!
Short but sweet, but very good to hear the old News At Ten theme there! Very Happy
That was an anti-climax really - though the old theme was a nice touch.

I think John Suchet out did him with regards exit speeches (and I wonder if Trevor will turn up on Five News in a couple of years?)
BillyH Founding member

But seriously...yeah, that was a nice touch.
on the box
Ah fantastic they ended with the old Closing music from News at Ten worked well with the todays look, but felt weird somehow.
Bye Trev, ITV News indeed British TV News will not be the same anymore.
Put The Telly On
1980's theme was it?
Steven O
Antz posted:
*Waits for all the anoraks to go over the top concerning the old ITN News theme*.

A nice touch at the end. It was only when it finished I realised what it was!

Hope this is not too over the top.... Wink
BillyH posted:

But seriously...yeah, that was a nice touch.

But he just sat there...He could have done something special, it just.. wasn't him.
BillyH Founding member
Sounded like the 1992-1999 one to me.
I'm not sure Trevor was expecting the old music - he looked a bit surprised. A good, subtle end - not horribly self-indulgent, but still giving him a chance to have a proper send-off.

The way ITN are going though he might as well turn the lights out on his way out. It did feel like an end of an era moment.
on the box
nok32uk posted:
1980's theme was it?

No 1992-1997? theme
richard h
most was pre typed yes
i deleted it as appropriate

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