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The Bill

(August 2005)

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We were talking in the office today about the current storyline in The Bill regarding the 'firebomber'.

With the increased security alert in London at the moment, shouldn't this be shelved?

It seems a bit inappropriate?
I've been watching this story throughout, and it didn't even cross my mind.

I don't think it should be shelved at all.
On another note, i'm really into this story. It's very good! Well acted throughout and a brilliant script.
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Hywel Bennet is just brilliant isn't he? Smile

14 days later

I watched an Episode of the Bill this evening on RTE one, and the guy that plays the black cop Lance had a small part.

Also does anyone know if RTE are editing these episodes, I never seen the end credits, but im guessing this ep was from around 2000, as I am guessing someone is doing editing somewhere for RTE as y9ou can hear the theme tune at random interval in some of the eps, and RTE arnt doing an ad break. Im guessing RTE are editing the eps from an hour into a 35 min slot. Anyone know?
They are probably the UKTV episodes of the Bill. They put in their own ad breaks and sometimed end caps. If you hear the "uussshhh" of the "Part..." intro music, then probably.
The episode from today and tomorrow is from 25th May 2000

As to whose is doing the editing I don't know but some strong content has been left in some episodes ,which daytime repeats of programmes on British TV tend to cut out
nok32uk posted:
Hywel Bennet is just brilliant isn't he? Smile

Maybe he'll now get real acting work again.

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